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At Warrior Journal, we honor the service and testament of all veterans and encourage their ventures beyond the military. We make every attempt to be objective and show all sides and opinions. We’re not government cheerleaders, and we’re not witch hunters. We link to people, products services and content that are military-related and demonstrate a high level of quality, blind of their political bent.

The purpose of Warrior Journal is to celebrate the men and women who serve. They come from all races, all religious backgrounds, and all political and ideological positions. We honor them no matter where they fall in the range of any of those criteria.

While we welcome your comments on anything content we feature or link on Warrior Journal, we ask that you temper them with the understanding that positions that do not run concurrent with yours are no less valid. We prefer that you recommend to us other links and content that do agree with your opinions so we can review them and share them with our audience as well.

Thank you,
Mat Weller
founder of Warrior Journal

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